The Lucid Air hasn’t had a first-party at-home charging station up until now. With the Lucid Connected charger, that has changed. The new charger, according to the manufacturer, will charge the Air at a speed of 80 mph. According to Lucid, it is the smallest and most compact enclosure their team has been able to create. The Lucid charger, which also supports bidirectional charging, allows the Air to function as a battery and supply electricity back into the home in the event of a power outage, just like the Ford F-150 Lightnin’. The new charger will cost $1,200 and be made publicly available in 2023 after a restricted release at the end of current year.

The Air Cargo Capsule is a roof box for the Air made by the Lucid Group. Along with the roof box, Lucid also produced a set of roof crossbars that enable even additional roof storage. Starting at $2,000, the Cargo Capsule will be accessible in 2023. You’ll have to pay $500 for the Crossbars, according to Lucid.


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