We now have our first glimpse at the much-touted translucent appearance of the next Android phone while we wait for the full unveiling of the Nothing Phone (1).

In true Carl Pei style, practically every small nuance is being slowly released before to the keynote in an effort to increase the buzz surrounding this next Android competitor. We are now able to see the first official pictures of the Phone (1) design with additional parrots, even though the internals are still unknown thanks to Nothing.

Update 06/16: Nothing held a special event in Basel, Switzerland, where chosen members of the media and online influencers got a chance to see the product firsthand. This featured a demonstration of the light bars on the backplate, which, according to Swiss publication Das Kann Was Lorenz Keller , look to be covered in a thin glass panel. Das Kann Was Lorenz Keller was also able to unearth the following information regarding the device’s design, which you can see below:

Along with the flat edges and even the placement of the buttons, the camera nodules appear to protrude outward in a manner reminiscent of the iPhone series, which is somewhat reminiscent of Apple’s 12 and 13 series handsets.

The Nothing Phone (1)’s design has been mentioned in a number of posts on the Instagram , Twitter , and Das Kann Was 0 websites. However, this isn’t the ground-breaking or revolutionary appearance that some would have you believe prior to the actual unveiling.

Certainly not adjectives we would use to describe this primarily white industrial backplate are “bold,” “warm,” and “full of soul.” The Nothing Phone (1)’s inclusion of light-up strips is an intriguing design decision. It’s unclear whether these will light using battery power or will just be reflective.

nothing phone design
image: Aa11

With the upper-left dual camera set up, you can see the wireless charging pad or coil as indicated by the initial teaser glyphs. Given how few of the Nothing Phone (1)’s internal parts are really visible, it is difficult to call this design transparent. Many of the internal components, including the battery, appear to be kept hidden under what appears to be a white backplate with what looks like glass on top.

Nothing has been made available on YouTube that explains the background of Phone 1, which has gratuitous teases all around the Das Kann Was 2. The design of the Nothing Phone (1) was hazy throughout, but the company has decided to expose the main talking feature over a month before the launch presentation, probably to be ahead of any leaks.

Is it hot? Please provide your thoughts on the design in the space provided below.

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