I’m going to include all of the creatures, plants, and birds that are endangered in Afghanistan in one post. An endangered species is one that has been designated as being at risk of extinction. Critically Endangered is the second-most important conservation category for wild populations in the IUCN’s classification system, which uses the term endangered (CR).

You should read the list of India’s Endangered and Endemic Species.

The IUCN Red List classified 2655 plant and 3079 animal species as endangered (EN) globally in 2012. According to the IUCN Red Data Book, several animal and bird species found in Afghanistan fall into the category of endangered species.

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Can You Help Save These Endangered Species LIST OF ENDANGERED SPECIES OF ANIMALS IN AFGHANISTAN Here is a table listing the animals that are endangered in Afghanistan.

SPECIES NAME RANGE FOR S.NO Afghanistan, China, India, and Pakistan 2. Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, China, Iran, and Japan 3. Bechsteins Bat Europe, Asia, and Afghanistan 4. Afghanistan, Africa, and India 5. Common Bentwing Bat Europe, Africa, Asia, and Afghanistan 6. Afghanistan, India, Iran, Pakistan, and Turkey Cyprian Wild Sheep 7. Eurasian Otter Asia, Africa, Europe, and Afghanistan Afghanistan, Bhutan, China, France, India, and Snow Leopard 9. Afghanistan, Central Asia, and the Middle East in Red Deer 10. Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan, and Russia 11. Markhor, Pakistan and Afghanistan Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan 12. Kashmir Musk Deer 13. Afghanistan, China, and Himalayan Musk Deer 14. Goitered Gazelle Middle East, Europe, Asia, Afghanistan AFGHANISTAN’S LIST OF ENDANGERED PLANT SPECIES SPECIES OF S.NO PLANTS 1. Afghanistan’s Fraxinus Sogdiana 2. Kashmir Elm Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal 3. Malus Niedzwetzkyana China, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan 4. Afghanistan, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East 5. Afghanistan, China, and Pakistan LIST OF ENDANGERED BIRD SPECIES IN AFGHANISTAN Here is a list of the threatened bird species in Afghanistan.

SPECIES NAME RANGE FOR S.NO Afghanistan, Africa, Australia, and Europe all have Black-Tailed Godwits. 2. Afghan, Asian, and European Cinerreous Vulture Afghanistan, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe all have Dalmatian Pelicans. 4. Egyptian Vulture Asia, Africa, and Afghanistan 5. Afghanistan, Australia, Asia Eurasian Curlew 6. Indian Vulture Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India 7. Afghanistan, Africa, Asia, and Europe Saker Falcon 8. Afghanistan, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Little Bustard 9. Afghanistan, Asia, Europe Marbled Teal All of this relates to information on the list of bird, plant, and animal species that are endangered in Afghanistan. If you wish to learn more about the Jandamp;K endangered species, click.


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