A plant or animal that is threatened with extinction is considered to be an endangered species. At the state, federal, and international levels, a species may be designated as endangered. The Endangered Species Act, which is administered at the federal level, governs the endangered species list. You may find a list of Andorra’s threatened plant, animal, and bird species in this site. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s classification system, an endangered species is one that is thought to be on the verge of extinction (IUCN) After Critically Endangered, Red List is the IUCN’s second-most-used conservation status for wild populations (CR).

The IUCN Red List classified 2655 plant and 3079 animal species as endangered (EN) globally in 2012. According to the IUCN Red Data Book, Algeria is home to a large number of endangered animal and bird species.

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Andorra endangered species of Animals

The list of endangered animal species in Andorra is provided below.

Species No. Region Bechsteins Bat Andorra, for starters 2. The Middle East, Europe, and Andorra Three. Garden mice Europa, Andorra 4. Long-Fingered Bat Africa, Andorra, Middle East 5. Mediterranean Horsehoe Bat Algeria, Algeria, France, Andorra Pyrenean Desman, no. 6 Spain, France, and Andorra 7. Barbastelle in Western Africa, Europe, and Andorra LIST OF ENDANGERED BIRD SPECIES IN ANDORRA

READ ALSO LIST OF ENDANGERED ANIMAL SPECIES IN ALGERIA Here is a list of the endangered bird species found in Andorra.

Region 1, S.No Species: Dartford Warbler Middle East, Africa, and Andorra Secondly, the Eurasian Peregrine Falcon Middle East, Africa, and Andorra There are no plants of concern in Andorra, according to the list of endangered plant species there.

CONCLUSION The list of endangered flora, animals, and bird species in Andorra is discussed in this blog. The International Union for Conservation of Nature provided all the data on this page (IUCN). Please share any questions or concerns you may have in the comments section.


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