With the new At a Glance widget introduced in Android 12.1, Lawnchair 12.1 is currently accessible in Alpha and contains a number of enhancements.

Lawnchair 12.1 is the first release based on Launcher3 from Android 12.1 or 12L, and it was announced via the official Telegram feed . As a result, Lawnchair ought to function more similarly to the Pixel Launcher while also offering all of the additional customization options that come with the third-party home screen replacement.

The brand-new At a Glance widget, which was released to Pixel phones back with the full Android 12 release, is the main new addition or feature in this Lawnchair 12.1 Alpha. The persistent upper-left screen widget is contextual, so in addition to displaying the time and weather, it can also display other information like what media is playing right now or the current charge level of your device.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to support the entire range of features that are accessible on the Pixel Launcher, like stopwatches and timers, bedtime, fitness apps, connected gadgets, safety checks, and earthquake notifications. You can decide whether you wish to view the At a Glance widget’s weather, battery life, and now playing data on Lawnchair 12.1 Alpha. Alternately, you may simply turn it off completely:

Lawnchair 12.1
Lawnchair 12.1

The app drawer, as opposed to only the home screen before this most recent update, now allows you to configure themed icons as well. Even your home screen font can be changed to fit your preferences among literally hundreds of options. Additionally, if you have the OTF or TTF font file, you can even add your own chosen font.

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Lawnchair 12.1 Alpha 1 now includes a feature that allows users to alter the default search engine used when using the Dock search bar, thanks to Google contributor Dylan Roussel . Additionally, the Adaptive Icons might use some work, and rooted devices may use the Recents background transparency setting while Lawnchair is connected to QuickSwitch. The complete changelog is available below:

a new widget for At a Glance
the capability of displaying themed icons in the app drawer
changing the search engine used by the Dock search bar
several fresh forms for Adaptive Icons
a choice for Notification Dots to display the notification count
having the option to install custom typefaces
An option to make the Recents backdrop transparent if Lawnchair is linked to QuickSwitch

It’s important to note that two hotfix builds have already been released for this upgrade. First, the Alpha 2 builds were pushed, then they were removed because of a problem. The latest Alpha 3 build, which also fixes a problem for users with Spanish as their system language, adds a backup feature. As a result, Lawnchair 12.1 can crash when it first launches. You can sideload the APK file from here and download Lawnchair 12.1 Alpha for yourself if you wish to try it out.

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