At the end of 2021, YouTube Music finally started providing a thorough year-in-review summary, and it now appears that Spring Recap 22 is about to launch.

Update 6/15: Starting today, Google will roll out made official the YouTube Music Spring Recap. To access, tap your profile avatar and choose Your Recap from the menu. More generally, the corporation took notice of the favorable responses to the 2021 Recap published in December:

And this won’t happen just once! In the future, we’ll give listeners a tailored experience for every season in addition to our yearly Recap to celebrate your musical year.

In the meantime, YouTube Music specifically informed viewers today to anticipate seeing more new numbers and features later this year that will further showcase your individual tastes.

YouTube Music Spring Recap
YouTube Music Spring Recap

Original 6/1: Seen by a small number of users today , the fullscreen page devoted to it is titled Your Recap and has a play button for the playlist, implying that this might be a regular, seasonal event and not just at year’s end.

Enjoy and spread all of your favorite songs from the spring of 2022.

A carousel of six stat pages that can be shared or saved to your device is located below that. In the top-right corner, each is labelled “Recap,” with YouTube Music definitely aiming for virality. Cards feature: They are visually optimized for social media stories and posts.

Spring: Summary card displaying top artist and song along with overall listening time Top songs for spring: Top 5 Top five spring albums 5 best springtime artists 3 top springtime genres Just 1

YouTube Music Spring Recap

is on the best spring playlist.

YouTube Music Spring Recap

The Spring Recap is here card from YouTube Music is promoting this summary in the Home stream. You can select Explore Now, while another person said they could access by selecting their profile avatar in the top-right corner, followed by 2021 Recap. However, only the old playlist is still available, and the infographics from the previous year are no longer available.

Even though there are still around three weeks left in the Northern Hemisphere’s spring season, the majority of YouTube Music viewers do not currently have access to Spring Recap 22.

Playback your favorite songs and stats from the spring. Visit your channel page to find them.
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