The X2 Pro controller, an officially licensed Xbox controller for mobile intended for use with Xbox Cloud Gaming, was just released by GameSir. Although it has a lot of similarities with the first X2, there are several enhancements and observable differences.

One such change is the addition of an official Xbox button to the controller’s right corner. In addition to the white variant, it is now available in black as well. These hues are officially known by GameSir as Midnight and Moonlight, and each one has a suggested retail price of $79.99. Additionally, they go on sale today and may be purchased directly from Amazon through GameSir’s own Amazon store.

The X2 Pro directly connects to smartphones over USB-C, just as earlier GameSir controllers like the original X2 and the X3. providing users with a design that resembles the Nintendo Switch, which so many mobile controllers have done. As was already said, GameSir did make some significant changes, but they were more subtle.

Advertisement The back buttons of The Gamesir X2 Pro can be customized.

GameSir X2 Pro 1
GameSir X2 Pro 5
GameSir X2 Pro 4
GameSir X2 Pro 2

The back buttons on the X2 Pro differ significantly from those on the X2 in several ways. This feature is truly unique to this GameSir controller. And despite the fact that the remappable buttons are in a new location, this is one feature of the Razer Kishi V2 that we particularly enjoyed.

GameSir is now utilizing Hall Effect Triggers as well. Kailh microswitch bumpers are also available. Additionally, there are two ABXY button layouts—one for the Switch with interchangeable thumbsticks, and the other for the Xbox controller. so that you may alter the atmosphere. Additionally, the X2 Pro has passthrough charging because cloud gaming may seriously drain batteries.

The X2 Pro is generally an excellent improvement over the X2 and costs $20 less than the X3. Additionally, it comes in a well-organized travel case that makes it convenient to store and bring with you almost everywhere. It should work with almost any Android phone, and a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is included. This is a good benefit, especially since it’s what the controller was made for, as it normally costs $14.99.

Commercial GameSir X2 Pro


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