You can now get a Samsung Odyssey Ark gaming monitor for a cool $3,500 as the company’s formal launch of the product began today. Yes, it isn’t the cheapest gaming display you can get. However, the kind of experience you have when using it has merit. Providing you have the financial means to pay for it, of course.

The Odyssey Ark’s 165Hz refresh rate makes it far from the quickest gaming screen on the market. However, even at 165Hz, you are still receiving a refresh rate that will be acceptable to the majority of people. Additionally, you aren’t really purchasing the Odyssey Ark for its lightning-fast refresh rate. You’re purchasing it for the absurdly large screen, which Samsung refers to as Cockpit Mode due to its swivel capability and immersive curvature.

The Odyssey Ark also has a ton of other fascinating features. like the Sound Dome audio, which has two woofers and four speakers hidden beneath the screen. The woofers are in the center, and there is one speaker in each corner. A 16:9 aspect ratio and HDR10 gaming compatibility are also included. Additionally, the response time is 1ms.

Advertisement THE ODYSSEY ARK’S LAUNCH BY SAMSUNG SETS A NEW PRECEDENT You won’t find these in every single home because they cost $3,500. For sure. But that doesn’t stop the Odyssey Ark from innovating or at the very least setting some new benchmarks. One of the coolest aspects is the utilization of the Sound Dome technology. Additionally, the monitor’s built-in audio will do the job admirably if you aren’t very concerned with extraordinary high-quality audio.

The Odyssey Ark also has a screen known as the Flex Move Screen from Samsung. a software function that enables users to reduce the display’s size from 55 inches to 27 inches. The Odyssey Ark is a monster gaming monitor with features including a mini-LED display, 4K UHD resolution, and HDMI 2.1 connectivity. Additionally, you can more quickly connect various devices thanks to the One Connect box that comes with it. the PS5/Xbox Series X and your computer.

Official retailers for the Odyssey Ark include through Amazon , Best Buy, and Samsung.
Commercial Samsung Odyssey Ark


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