Zoom may have plans to develop into a complete productivity package in addition to videoconferencing. The Information claims that the business is getting ready to release email and calendar apps before the end of this year. Possibly at its annual Zoomtopia conference in November, the new goods will be unveiled.

Internally, Zmail and Zcal are the names of Zoom’s email and calendar applications, respectively. The fact that the corporation has apparently spent more than two years developing these services shows that the work started as soon as the popularity of videoconferencing reached its zenith during the early waves of the coronavirus pandemic. Even within the company, it has managed to keep the development a secret. Although Zmail and Zcal may not actually be their brand names, the majority of Zoom employees are not familiar with them.

The Information, however, was informed by a source with firsthand knowledge of the plans that Zoom might introduce its own email and calendar apps during the Zoomtopia convention a few months later. Of course, the corporation hasn’t made any official communications about this. But if accurate, we might learn more about the plans in the upcoming weeks, albeit informally.

Advertisement ZOOM MAY BE CREATING A COMPLETE SUITE OF PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS During the coronavirus outbreak, Zoom gained popularity as a videoconferencing tool. Since then, it has increased the range of services it provides by adding features like a whiteboard, chat, and collaboration tools. Zoom is primarily used in conjunction with productivity suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, but at its foundation, it is a videoconferencing application. These services provide a wide range of tools for productivity, including videoconferencing, chat, collaboration, and email and calendar.

People join online meetings on Zoom using appointment links from calendars or email services offered by Google and Microsoft, as noted in the revised report . Google and Microsoft can easily erode Zoom’s market share because they both provide videoconferencing solutions. It appears that the business wants to change that restriction in its offerings. Zoom might lessen its dependency on outside services by making its own email and calendar apps available to attract users to its platform.

Of course, trying to convince consumers to move from Gmail or Outlook to an unproven Zoom email client is not an easy feat. However, it appears that the corporation views these changes as necessary to survive during these challenging times. After increasing during the pandemic, Zoom has essentially remained the same. We’ll have to wait and see if the introduction of internal email and calendar apps changes its situation.

Advertisement On November 8 and 9, 2022, Zoomtopia will be held in the San Jose Convention Center in California.


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