Prior to beginning the promotional tour, Palmer attended a spa with a health-oriented focus. She spent her time there sleeping, exercising, performing yoga, and practicing meditation, she told the magazine. Palmer, who acknowledged that she hasn’t always thought that way, added, “I’ve learned over the years that to retain my sanity, and to physically keep this machine operating, I have to pour into myself as much as I can.

The actress is no stranger to the hustle culture, which is particularly prevalent in the film and television industries as someone who rose to fame at a young age. It “become a habit to hustle hard,” she admitted in the interview, noting that this way of living occasionally caused tiredness, voice loss, and even fainting.

Self care becomes necessary under that situation. Palmer started treatment when she was 17 and started practicing yoga shortly after, according to Women’s Health. She initially started practicing yoga “to look nice” in order to get jobs in action movies, but she soon learned the discipline was about much more than just appearance. I learned that appreciating the mind, body, and spirit doesn’t necessarily require a six-pack, she remarked.

She may now find her favorite workouts via an app, in true 2022 style. She enjoys the yoga-infused Pilates lessons and meditations on the Melissa Wood Health app. During the interview, Palmer remarked, “My body responds really well to Pilates.” “There are videos that run for 10, 15, and 40 minutes, respectively. Because sometimes we only have 10 minutes, it’s quite clever.” (Spoiler alert: Discover all the advantages of yoga and Pilates.)

Palmer devotes her time to loving herself in addition to practising Pilates and yoga. She told Women’s Health, “I realized that I need to practice loving myself just like I practice acting.” This is clear from the way Palmer has handled her PCOS diagnosis, which is a hormonal condition that can lead to irregular periods, acne, extra face and body hair, and fertility problems, according to the Mayo Clinic . In an effort to normalize skin blemishes, she revealed that the illness gave her severe acne in a post on Instagram about how the disorder has affected her.

According to Women’s Health, the actress also shows herself love by being able to refuse requests, a skill she has been honing for the past two years. In a recent interview, she said, “I discovered it’s hard to say no because we don’t trust. “We don’t believe that the opportunity will present itself again if we decline. Or we doubt our ability to make the proper decision if we say no. Alternatively, we worry that if we say no, we’ll upset someone. But I soon understood that the thing that stressed me out the most was saying yes to too many things.” (Read more about Queen Latifah’s “Practice” of Turning Down Jobs That Conflict with Her Health Goals.)

Palmer appears to be a pro at taking care of herself. Here’s to learning to say no, accepting who you are, and caring for your needs even when you’re busy.


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