When he’s not at home in Southern California, Keanu Reeves is also known to purchase a used motorcycle to use to get to the set of whatever movie he’s working on. When the movie is over, he typically sells it, but not always. According to Reeves, “I’ve had four or five bikes from that, or maybe six or seven,” in an interview with Red Bull .

His collection appears to be constantly evolving, and while it doesn’t include every top bike in the world, it does include some expensive models. One of his company’s bikes and the top three most costly motorcycles in his collection are a custom chopper, a limited-edition Ducati, and a bike.

A special spot in his collection belongs to Valued at around $20,000 , the Ducati 998 in “special Matrix green,” which his co-star Carrie-Anne Moss specifically learnt to ride for the movie. She had never ridden one before, and the Ducati Reeves owns is the identical one that was used in the movie. The reception to the motorcycle after the 2003 publication of “The Matrix Reloaded” was so overwhelmingly positive that Ducati created an 998 Matrix Reloaded Edition for use in 2004. The “Matrix Reloaded” artwork, gold clutch and brake levers, gold fork knobs, a silver-tinted windscreen, and a Termignoni exhaust system were all included in this special model. A 998cc, V-twin engine producing 123 horsepower and 72 lb-ft of torque powers the motorcycle.


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