On September 15 (tomorrow), Thursday Night Football will move exclusively to Amazon’s Prime Video, and to mark the occasion, Amazon is introducing a number of new features. With Fire TV and Alexa, these new capabilities are meant to make watching TNF more convenient.

X-Ray comes first. Finding actors in various movies and TV shows is already made a lot easier with the help of this function on Fire TV. Users will now be able to access X-Ray using their voice. This is only available on Prime Video. When you ask Alexa to launch X-Ray, you can view real-time stats while watching the game.

During the game, you’ll be able to ask Alexa questions about the match you’re watching. All of this is completed without pausing the video feed on your Fire TV device. Ask Alexa how many rushing yards the Chiefs have amassed so far today. or Alexa, how many tackles do you have today? and a lot of other things. creating a very distinctive experience.

Advertisement A TON OF TNF FEATURES ARE ADDED TO ALEXA Going directly to the game is one of the additional services that Amazon is introducing for TNF. Just say, “Alexa, play Thursday Night Football,” and your Fire TV will transport you right to the game.

Additionally, you may add the game to your watchlist and access it whenever you like. Because Amazon Prime Video allows for limitless viewing. With Alexa, you can keep up with your favorite sports teams. Last but not least, you have Alexa, trick my fan cave, which might provide you ideas for improving your fan cave.

These are all accessible right now and will improve your experience of viewing Thursday Night Football on Prime Video. The Los Angeles Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs will play this week. Click here to view the complete Thursday Night Football schedule for the current campaign.


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