To Klein’s tweet, astonishment was undoubtedly the initial reaction. The amount of clarity on an object in space that is so far from us revealed the actual power of the James Webb Space Telescope and the wonders of the cosmos in which we live. Klein didn’t admit that what we were seeing was not Proxima Centauri until a short while later. Actually, it was a piece of chorizo. Most certainly delicious; perhaps not so much prone to record-setting stellar flares .

Unsurprisingly, Klein’s little joke succeeded in tricking a lot of users, which the scientist claims was the entire point of his “experiment.” Klein then admitted to a French news station, Le Point , that his intention was to demonstrate to the general public that not everything you read or see in the news is necessarily true. This was made more convincing by the fact that Klein is often such a reliable source since, if a well-known physicist can’t be trusted, then who can you really believe?

Klein cracked another joke on Twitter . He stated that nothing from Spanish charcuterie “exists anywhere but on Earth,” according to modern cosmology. Whether it was intended to serve as a lesson or not, it is comforting to know that JWST is not occupied with snapping pictures of Spanish sausages. It’s also comforting to (sort of) establish that Proxima Centauri probably isn’t made of sausage after all.


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