Use Google’s short phrases to communicate with your phone without touching it. They provide a means of using Google Assistant without using the trendy phrase. Google may eventually roll out a short word that enables you to mute incoming calls.

Google first offered fast phrases with the release of the Pixel 6 last year. They let you to use your phone in a number of ways without having to say the trendy Hey Google phrase. Say Stop or Snooze while your alarm is sounding, for instance, and the phone will stop or snooze the alarm.

The same applies if you receive a call. When you receive a call, you can choose to accept it or decline it, and your phone will follow your instructions.

Advertisement A SHORT PHRASE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO SILENCE COMING CALLS COULD BE ADDED BY GOOGLE. Just be aware that this news is from an APK teardown before we continue. You ought to consider it with a grain of salt as a result. Future enhancements are frequently concealed in the code of existing app versions. However, the business could remove the feature’s code at any time.

According to a 9To5Google APK deconstruction, Google may allow you to quiet incoming calls with a single word. Given that you can already accept and decline calls using your voice, this makes reasonable. Why not make it possible to mute them?

There is a string andlt;string name=guacamole settings call v2 enabled subtitleandgt;”Answer”, “Decline”, and “Silence”andlt;/stringandgt; in the Google app version 13.34’s code. We can see the words “Answer” and “Decline” in the string. The new text “Silence” appears at the conclusion.

Advertisement Although we cannot predict whether Google will implement this function, it would be a very logical addition. There are instances in which you don’t want to accept or reject a call. Just quickly turn it off until you can access your phone. If Google makes this capability available to the public, we shouldn’t be too startled.


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