We are all aware that TikTok wants a piece of the revenue generated by every media company. It already irritates users of Instagram and YouTube, and DALL-E could be the next. It’s true that TikTok now includes a function for turning words into images.

TikTok currently holds a dominant position in the social media and video-sharing industries. The corporation doesn’t want to stop stomping on people’s toes because it has been stealing away users from Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube. Additionally, we learned that the business intends to develop a music streaming service. Spotify, get ready for impact!

TIKTOK NOW HAS A OWN AI TOOL FOR TEXT TO IMAGE CONVERSION The Verge claims that a variety of tools and effects are available at the ByteDance-owned business for use in creating content. The business recently introduced a new tool that would employ AI to turn a brief sentence into a real image. DALL-E essentially implements this, although TikToks’ implementation lags far behind (lightyears, in fact).

Advertisement The app will take around 10 seconds to deliver the final image after you enter the brief word. The image you are shown is quite abstract and looks like a painting. It’s not like DALL-E or Google’s Imagen, which produce images that appear to be either CGI renders or actual photographs.

Having said that, it’s unclear whether TikTok is aiming for realism. The results appear as works of abstract art that only partially reveal what you typed in. Here are a few samples of the work I produced.

TikTok AI pictures 2, Image1

Although the platform does not aim for realism, it is nevertheless noteworthy that it was able to approximate AI-generated graphics. It would make sense for the business to continue investing in technology so that it can produce visuals that are more convincing in the future.

Advertisement USE OF THIS TOOL First, make sure your TikTok app is completely up to date. Next, launch the app and select the “create” option. There, select Effects by clicking the button in the bottom left. You’ll notice an effect with the word AI in it there.

When you click it, a text box where you may type the short sentence will appear. For the best outcome, keep the language brief and straightforward. Additionally, you should utilize more generic phrases, such as celebrities, things, and animals. The image will then be created by the app and added to your story from there.


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