One of the best reasons to purchase a foldable phone, particularly one from Samsung’s Galaxy Fold lineup, is the ability to multitask. It appears that this will only get better as a new feature is reportedly in the works.

FOLD AND FLIP 4 ON GALAXY Z TO GET SWIPE FOR SPLIT SCREEN According to well-known Samsung insider Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will both get a new multitasking feature from the firm. The term “swipe for split screen” used to describe this new function suggests that it is a gesture that provides quicker access to split screen multitasking.

There is significant opportunity for speculation because it is unclear exactly how this would appear.

Swipe gestures have also been used by Samsung’s rivals in the foldable market to speed up multitasking. For instance, Oppo’s Find N allows multitasking to be started with a two-finger swipe down the screen. Vivo does the same thing with a three-finger swipe as well. Samsung may not follow suit exactly, but it seems logical to think that they will act similarly.

With the Fold 3 enabling up to three apps on screen at once, floating apps in windows, and also a sidebar for fast moving between apps, Samsung’s software improvements on the Galaxy Z Fold series have long placed it in the lead when it comes to multitasking on these larger displays.

This new multitasking capability will be available on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 when it launches sometime in August. The gadget will reportedly have a thinner, lighter hinge that will allow for a less noticeable furrow on the inner display. A bigger outside display and a square internal panel will change the device’s aspect ratio.

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