There is still much we don’t know about Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5, but there is space for improvement over the Galaxy Watch 4 from the previous year. However, it doesn’t appear like using the Galaxy Watch 5 charger will make a significant impact.

THE CHARGER FOR THE GALAXY WATCH 5 SEEMS SIMILAR. According to a recent regulatory listing, the Galaxy Watch 5’s charger will be almost comparable to that of the Galaxy Watch 4. The Galaxy Watch Active introduced Samsung to the same charger style, which is a change from the dock that was included on the 2018 Galaxy Watch and earlier Gear S smartwatches.

This magnetic puck attaches to the watch’s back and charges the watch using a modified Qi wireless charging standard while providing power via a USB-A connection.

The ER-OR900 charger has crossed the Korean Radio Research Agency as seen by SamMobile (RRA). The battery for the Galaxy Watch 5 with that model number was previously discovered. A photo of the charger virtually guarantees that it will have the same design as earlier iterations.

Unfortunately, that is the only data from the listing that we currently have.

IT’LL PROBABLY BE A LITTLE FASTER. Samsung staying with the same charging hardware is in no way a bad thing, given that the puck design generally works rather well.

However, at this point, charging rates are the main concern. The current Galaxy Watch 4 series requires less than two hours to fully charge and charges at a rate of about 5W. In our evaluation of the Galaxy Watch 4, we expressed our dissatisfaction with the charging speed. The sluggish charging speed makes it necessary to use more charging time to catch up for the previous 24 hours of use while using the Galaxy Watch 4 for sleep tracking. In our testing from the previous year, we typically saw that the battery would gradually degrade over the course of a week until it could no longer function for a full day without needing to be fully recharged.

As with Fossils Wear OS watches, we demanded that Samsung move to pin-based charging.

If the charging speed was faster, a lot of my battery life worries would go away. According to Samsung, the battery needs 110 minutes to charge completely. My testing suggests that’s accurate, but it’s just not quick enough. For speedier charging, Samsung would be wise to switch to a system that uses direct pins.

Samsung plans to increase the battery size on all models of the Galaxy Watch 5 and introduce a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with a battery that can reach 572 mAh. On a battery that large, a 5W charger would obviously be a little laborious.

In any case, I’ll find out more eventually. Within the following several weeks, Samsung is anticipated to unveil the Galaxy Watch 5.
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