Samsung eventually included one of the most desired features, making the Galaxy Z Fold 3 compatible with the S Pen, last year. It wasn’t initially offered since a pen like the S Pen might easily harm a foldable device’s screen, which is significantly softer than screens on non-foldable devices.

But with the Fold 3, Samsung strengthened the screen even more. And now, Samsung boasts that the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s screen is around 45% stronger than the Fold 3’s screen. The S Pen is still compatible, then.

According to Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is compatible with both the S Pen Fold Edition and the S Pen Pro.

Advertisement It is compatible, but an additional fee must be paid. Although it is compatible, you will have to pay extra for the S Pen. Consequently, it is not packaged with the product like the Galaxy S22 Ultra or earlier Note devices are. Additionally, it implies that the S Pen has no silo in which to reside. making it far simpler to misplace that S Pen.

What distinguishes the S Pen Fold Edition from the S Pen Pro, then? Bluetooth and batteries, essentially. The previous S Pen, known as the Fold Edition, doesn’t use Bluetooth at all. This is helpful for taking notes, navigating the user interface, and other things. However, the S Pen Pro comes with Bluetooth, which enables some quite useful gestures on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The cost of the S Pen Pro is approximately $100, compared to about $50 for the S Pen Fold Edition.

For a stylus, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the ideal gadget. It’s excellent for taking notes on and navigating through apps like Twitter, especially with that larger 7.6-inch display inside. As you’ll be able to use one hand to grasp the phone and the other to grip the stylus.


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