You may be wondering if Samsung is trying to take on Garmin with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro given its emphasis on durability and extra outdoor functions. According to Samsung, it was created for outdoor use, much like Garmin’s watches. And have been for, um, ever.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will still have less functions than many of the watches that Garmin sells, here’s the thing. And I believe it’s critical to distinguish between which Garmin customers Samsung is specifically aiming the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro towards.

Garmin has a wide range of products, so it’s reasonable to assume that Samsung won’t be able to properly target every client segment. For instance, consider the Garmin Fenix 7 series. This watch includes numerous functions that the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro does not, even in its most basic configuration. The sapphire solar models are the next.

Advertisement As with the Galaxy Watch 5 series, these have sapphire crystal glass. They do, however, provide solar charging, which Samsung’s new watches do not. All things considered, Samsung is probably targeting a different Garmin customer. if indeed it is.

AIMING AT THE GARMIN FORERUNNER 955 SERIES, IS THE GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO? This watch, in particular, makes the most sense when you think about it. The Forerunner 955 is likely the option that is most comparable to a Garmin watch if Samsung is aiming to attract customers who would buy one. It has almost the same price ( $499 ) and provides a good number of the same features. Even in Ultratrac mode, the battery life is supported up to 80 hours.

Both are created to survive your outdoor activities. encouraging a more active lifestyle without worrying that you’ll damage your watch Samsung may be going for Garmin users, but it remains to be seen if Samsung can be successful.

Advertisement Many Garmin sports watches have functions that you won’t find in the majority of smartwatches. full-color, printable maps that are built-in. support for many bands additional body batteries Samsung might be able to provide some of the lacking functions through software, in some cases. Will it, though?

With the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, I believe it is safe to assume that Samsung is at least tangentially attempting to attract some of the outdoor demographic that would typically buy Garmin watches. And this more focused strategy can end up being beneficial.

Samsung is making a strong point with the Pro watch in this instance. stating that this watch is for outside use. Samsung has a specific product for you if you enjoy running marathons, hiking mountain routes, and other such activities. Garmin would generally be one of the first names you could think of if you spend a lot of time outdoors participating in these kinds of activities. Samsung, though, appears to be making a slight tweak to that.

Advertisement CAN SAMSUNG BE A SUCCESSFUL COMPETITOR FOR SOME OF GARMINS’ CUSTOMERS? Depends, really. There’s undoubtedly a strong chance that Samsung can persuade those buyers to take the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro into consideration if they’re seeking for a comparable Garmin device. Particularly in light of the LTE model’s price cap of $499.99. For comparison, the LTE version of the Garmin Forerunner 955 costs $649.99, which is $150 higher. when the two watches have a lot of comparable features.

The biggest challenge for Samsung will probably be persuading people that the Pro form of their newest watch is designed for outside use. Garmin has been a dominant force in this market for a while. Samsung is a relatively new company.

The business only needs to make sure the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro meets up to those promises if it can persuade those customers.


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