While rivals have been selling robot vacuums with mopping features for some time, iRobot has only recently joined the trend. Using the brand-new Roomba Combo j7 , which will set you back $1,099. It basically mimics the best-selling iRobot j7 robot vacuum and adds mopping capabilities.

This type, according to iRobot, is intended for busy homes with a mix of carpets, rugs, and hard floors. The Roomba Combo j7 , according to iRobot, “saves users time by cleaning the area in a single task, unlike other 2-in-1s, which vacuums rugs and carpets first and then simultaneously vacuums and mops hard floors.” which is only partly accurate. The majority of 2-in-1 vacuums can simultaneously vacuum and mop. The only one, according to iRobot, will prioritize carpets and rugs before moving on to hardwood and tile floors.

All of this is possible because of the robot vacuums from iRobot’s PrecisionVision Navigation system. Customers won’t have to bother about tidying up before the cleaning starts as a result. In order to keep the carpets dry, the Roomba Combo j7 also raises the mop. Therefore, unlike some other robot vacuums that can also mop, you won’t need to remove the mop to clean carpets.

Advertisement A DEBUTING IROBOT OS 5.0 AS WELL A significant change to the company’s operating system is also being unveiled. You will be able to clean more particular locations on command as part of this release. In addition to previously stated items including couches, tables, counters, and holiday trees, there are new Clean Zone guidelines.

Additionally, it can avoid more of the things you want it to avoid. There are now more Siri shortcuts for iOS, and it has the ability to skip a room instantly.

It appears that this update will affect all of iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuums and Braava jet robot mops, despite the company’s lack of specificity.

Advertisement VALUE AND AVAILABILITY In the US, the iRobot Roomba Combo j7 will be on sale AA1. beginning with shipments on October 4. Its $1,099 price tag makes it a somewhat costly robot vacuum, but oddly, it’s not the most expensive one to be released this year.

On October 4, it will be accessible in Canada as well as in Europe. The fourth quarter will see availability in additional foreign markets.


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