Facebook and Instagram are becoming more integrated because to meta. A pair of new features released by the business on Monday announced allow users to easily switch between and create new profiles on the two social media sites. To begin with, it is testing an integrated account switcher that enables easy switching between apps. You can open the other app without closing the first one and returning to the recent apps or app drawer. From either platform, the switch is made.

The company’s Accounts Center function makes it easy to transition between Facebook and Instagram. With just a few touches on the screen, you can switch between different Instagram profiles thanks to a function that has been available for years. You only need to add each of your Instagram accounts to Accounts Center to get started. Facebook has now been incorporated into Meta. You can quickly switch to the desired Facebook or Instagram profile by opening Accounts Center from either app, most likely by long-pressing the profile tab.

For each profile, the new integrated profile-switching interface displays the number of unread comments or notifications. People who have several Facebook and Instagram accounts for both personal and professional purposes will find this helpful. You can instantly see whether there are any new comments on your company account on Facebook while you’re on your personal Instagram account. If so, all it takes to access Facebook is a simple tap on the screen. Likewise, returning to Instagram is simple.


Facebook and Instagram will both have integrated login systems. Additionally, Meta is piloting a combined Facebook and Instagram login process. Users can register for extra profiles on both platforms using their newly created accounts on either app. You can log into Facebook and Instagram using the same login information if you add all of your login information to the same Accounts Center.

You will have privacy control over which accounts can log into one another through Meta. Additionally, you will receive notifications whenever a new Instagram or Facebook profile is made using your current account as well as whenever a new account is added to your Accounts Center. The profile that displays in the integrated profile-switching interface can also be controlled. Meta will prevent cross-login on unrecognized devices if you have 2FA (two-factor authentication) enabled.

Advertisement This Instagram and Facebook integration is presently being tested by Meta. On iOS, Android, and the web, the new profile-switching experience is accessible to a small group of users. Only mobile apps can use the integrated login mechanism. In the upcoming months, the business will open up the functionality to more users.


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