Capturing the footage is the first step in sending it to your phone. Thankfully, your Xbox continuously records your gaming without your knowledge. According to Xbox , you don’t even need to bother about pre-recording your gaming session because both your present gameplay and the two minutes prior to it will always be accessible to preserve and share.

To automatically store the most recent 30 seconds of gaming, press the Xbox button on your controller to open the tutorial and click the X button to close it. By clicking the View button and choosing a length, you can capture the final two minutes of your gaming if you wish to record extra film. Press the Xbox button and select the Y button rather than the X button to save a screenshot rather than a movie. Sending the clip to your phone is the next step after saving it.

Double-tap the Share button on the Xbox Series X’s wireless controller to view your most recent captures. Select the clip you wish to share and then click on “Mobile.” After the footage is sent, the app should notify you that the clip has been received. Make sure the Xbox app is installed on your phone and that you are linked into the same Xbox Live account as the console for your clip to sync properly.


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