The Google Stadia cloud gaming platform isn’t closing down after all, according to recent reports, and the business is actually expanding service to new areas. That is based on an upcoming update’s recent teardown , which highlights prospective new features. adding at least one new function that Pro members will undoubtedly like.

The introduction of multiple more languages will certainly be the largest change, though. announcing the expansion of Google Stadia to new areas. Specifically, to Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Turkey if the underlying coding is accurate. Northern Cypress may be present in the latter place.

The support for es-MX for Mexico is hidden in the code with the most recent upgrade to Stadia 4.26. ES-419 also covers the other Spanish-speaking areas mentioned above. The language code tr has now also been included. That’s the code for Turkish, which is primarily spoken in Turkey and Northern Cyprus, as was previously mentioned.

Advertisement WHAT ELSE HAPPENED BEHIND THE SCENE AT THE LATEST UPDATE FOR GOOGLE STADIA? Along with the additional languages for the new areas, Google has also introduced some hidden code that alluded to new features. The addition of a new Claim all button is unquestionably the biggest of those.

Once it is added, Pro users should be able to utilize a single touch or click to access all of a particular month’s free titles. As opposed to selecting each Pro title one at a time while browsing through the list of options. Once chosen, customers typically need to make another choice on the claim button.

Also planned is a new action in the Tips


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