The time has come. The Galaxy Watch 4’s long-awaited Google Assistant is now available for download and installation on our smartwatches. What steps must you take to install Google Assistant on Samsung’s newest wearable? If Google Assistant isn’t connecting to your Galaxy Watch, this article will walk you through installing it on the Galaxy Watch 4 and may be able to assist you.

Since the Galaxy Watch 4’s introduction in 2021, Google and Samsung have made promises about its inclusion. In recent months, rumors and leaks have surfaced that indicate the unavoidable arrival of Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch, however the information we received was, more often than not, inconsistent at best.

The Galaxy Watch 4 now has access to Google Assistant, and it functions fairly well. It features a new design that is modeled after the well-known Google Assistant window on Pixel phones and allegedly responds more quickly.

GALAXY WATCH 4 GOOGLE ASSISTANT INSTALLATION The way Google took to get Google Assistant on Samsung’s wearable may surprise you first. Instead of a firmware update, the gadget was given access to the smart assistant through the Google Assistant watch app.

It’s interesting to note that occasionally, while installing the Google Assistant app from scratch, the app displayed an Update button rather than an Install tile. This may be because Wear OS 3 required the final installation because it already contained the Google Assistant shell. Here’s how to set up Google Assistant on your Galaxy Watch 4 in any case:

On the primary watchface of your Galaxy Watch 4, swipe up. Select the Google Play Store application. At the top, click the search icon. Type Google Assistant and press “search.” When Google Assistant displays, tap it and select Install or Update. When the installation is complete, select Open followed by Get going. To activate, select Open on phone when prompted. On your phone, a prompt to launch Google Assistant will appear. After that, your watch will connect, and you can proceed with the Google Assistant activation process.

Install Google Assistant on Galaxy Watch 4

When you’re done, say Hey, Google to start launching Google Assistant on your Samsung watch. You can modify what the Home Key performs to make it button-activated. As follows:

Go to the Settings section of your watch. Locate the Advanced features by scrolling down. Locate Customize keys and tap it. Select the method you want to use to launch Google Assistant. Choose between a double press and a tap and hold. For Google Assistant, I press and hold since you can only change double pressing to Google Pay. After tapping either Double push or Tap and hold, select Assistant.

NOT CONNECTING TO GALAXY WATCH 4 WITH GOOGLE ASSISTANT I had a rather frustrating problem while going through this method. On my Galaxy Watch 4, I was able to download and install Google Assistant; but, when I tried to activate it by tapping Open on my phone, my Pixel would make an unsuccessful connection attempt. I repeatedly attempted this. Restarting the Galaxy Watch 4 was successful for our own Dylan Rousell, who was then able to connect to Google Assistant.

Unfortunately for me, that approach was completely ineffective. I had no choice but to start again and reset my Galaxy Watch 4. After the watch was reset, Google Assistant was able to pair it with my phone and I was able to complete the setup.

In general, Google Assistant performs admirably once it is operational. Although it may not be as quick in use as Wear OS 2 is, it’s still good to have it on the Galaxy Watch 4 .

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