Users now have more options for managing what they view on Instagram. You may now personalize your Instagram feed with the company’s announced a few new features. First off, it is a test of the feature that lets you designate several postings as Uninterested. In the Explore page, you may choose which posts you do not want to see and flag them all at once for the app. The chosen posts are instantly removed from your feed. Additionally, future exposure to comparable content will end. You may presently only do that for individual postings on the Meta-owned platform. Multiple posts cannot be flagged at once.

You must tap the new Filter option in the Explore tab, which is located next to the search box, in order to flag multiple posts on Instagram. There are two choices there: Sensitive Content and Not Interested. Decide between the two options, then indicate on the posts. Tap Done to finish the activity at this point. Compared to the present implementation, which calls for you to first open a post, tap on the three-dot menu, and then choose Not Interested, this is far more convenient. For each piece of content you want to filter out, you must repeat these steps.

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Instagram multiple post not interested contol content feed

Advertisement Additionally, Instagram will soon begin testing the capability to exclude content based on keywords. A list of words, phrases, and emojis that this filter will recognize can be made. All associated posts will be removed from your feed by the app when it searches for those terms in a post’s caption or hashtags. You can utilize this function to cease seeing stuff that interests you no matter if you are seeing something that is irrelevant or have grown disinterested in something you formerly liked, according to Meta in an blog post . Similar post filtering using keywords is also available on TikTok.

AS INSTAGRAM BECOMES MORE LIKE A WEBSITE, NEW WAYS TO FILTER CONTENT ARE ADDED. TIKTOK Instagram started out as a photo-sharing app before later adding video functionality. However, it currently favors short videos akin to TikTok over everything else. Reels is the name of the TikTok-inspired feature that is quickly dominating the site. Users now frequently hide material from their friends and relatives by seeing more Reels from accounts they don’t follow. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, has asserted that interest-based recommended content will dominate Instagram, despite widespread opposition to this notion.

Instagram is introducing more tools to filter out content on the platform to ensure users don’t see what they don’t want to see. In addition to the current options for switching between your Favorites and Following feeds, these two new capabilities will be available soon. You can already designate specific topics as Not Interested, and you can choose to snooze suggested content for a period of 30 days. Additionally, Instagram just improved its sensitive content filters.


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