In addition to its current usefulness, Google’s At a Glance widget may soon have the ability to track restaurant orders. But keep in mind that this can possibly be a Pixel-only feature.

Currently, the At a Glance widget is capable of a wide range of tasks. When you connect your Bluetooth headphones, it can display previews of the Nest Doorbell, the battery life of those devices, a notification when your flashlight is on, and other information. There might also be a tool for commute times.

Your food orders may soon be tracked by the Google At A Glance Widget. It makes likely that the next feature to be added (before or after commute times) will be the ability to track your food orders. In essence, it will provide you updates on the status of your food and housekeeping delivery orders.

Advertisement Although the functionality is not currently active, it appears to be coming soon. 9to5Google users noticed a toggle that Google intends to employ for food and domestic orders. It’s a little odd that that option is one of the choices offered by Google Assistant.

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At a Glance food delivery image 1

This functionality, in our opinion, will function similarly to typical notifications from food delivery businesses. When the food is being made, when it has been picked up, and when the driver approaches your house, you will be informed.

Advertisement Let’s hope that all significant food delivery services will be included This will all depend on the app and the assistance At a Glance ultimately provides. We can only hope that the widget will work with DoorDash, Amazon Fresh, and other popular meal delivery services.

We do not yet know when Google will implement this function, but it is anticipated to happen soon. However, if we had to guess, we’d assume that it will show up as a Pixel Feature Drop. If Google doesn’t push it out differently, as a server-side modification or anything similar, it may appear the next month. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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