Carl Peis return to smartphones with the Nothing Phone (1) has generated a lot of buzz, but it is still unclear whether the product will live up to expectations. But before it was released, we got a first peek at the Nothing Phone (1) and its distinguishing feature, glyph lights.

(1) Nothing Phone receives a hands-on evaluation. Today, Marques Brownlee uploaded a new video to his YouTube channel, giving viewers a glimpse of the Nothing Phone (1) in action for the first time.

This is the device’s greatest appearance to far despite the fact that we had previously seen several still pictures and videos.

The Nothing Phone (1) has flat metal sides and the identical dual-camera array and configuration on the rear as the iPhone 12/13, as earlier images have revealed. With a hole-punch for the selfie camera in place of the iPhone’s notch, the front also features bezels that are of a moderate size for the market today.

However, the device’s back, with its transparent design giving it a completely different appearance from most others, is the main point of design distinction.

Underneath the glass of the transparent back is a unique glyph design with lights that both help the pattern stand out and serve a few more purposes.

THE LIGHTS ON NOTHING PHONE (1) CAN DO THE FOLLOWING The lights on Nothing Phone (1) can perform various useful tasks in addition to just looking cool.

These consist of:

illuminates to signal notifications glows when reverse wireless charging is used. An indicator for wired charging progress is the bottom light (shake to show) Camera fill light red light blinking when capturing videos Matching ringtones with blinking lights

Additionally, it seems as though Google Assistant and the Glyph lighting system will provide some form of feedback.

Although it wasn’t mentioned in the video, we would presume that this would function like a Google Assistant smart speaker, with the lights turning on in response to voice requests such as “Hey Google.” I guess we’ll have to wait and see about that.

Will they end up being a gimmick?
These are undoubtedly original and entertaining ideas, however some of them surely will.
There may even be some nice utility here with a glass case or one that pipes the light to the rest of the phone.
Although the Nothing Phone (1) is scheduled to be completely unveiled next month, we are still unsure of its exact price and availability.
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