The option to sync files between a desktop computer and Fitbit’s wearables will no longer be available.

Fitbit has revised two help pages, according to 9to5Google, one of which covers the Fitbit setup procedure and the other covering how to listen to music on the company’s products.

to announce that Fitbit Connect for Windows and macOS will be discontinued later this year.

According to Fitbit, it is “removing the option to sync your Fitbit device with the Fitbit Connect app on your computer” in the first piece and “removing the opportunity to transfer playlists to your Fitbit watch through your computer” in the second. Both adjustments are planned for October 13.

For those who depend on Fitbit Connect to configure their devices, the company suggests that they “download and use the Fitbit app on your phone to sync your device” instead. Those who mostly listened to music on it are limited to syncing it from Pandora and Deezer.

It’s unfortunate that Fitbit appears to be abandoning desktop compatibility, in part because there’s no assurance that its users will want to download a Google-owned fitness monitoring app on their phones, and in part because music syncing is currently only possible with a couple of also-ran music providers.


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A request for comment from Google did not immediately receive a response.
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