Web and app activity is one of the very first controls displayed on the Google My Activity page. With the introduction of a new Workspace search history preference, Google will shortly disrupt that setting.

Update 5/19: The Google Workspace search history setting will begin to roll out on June 14 after being delayed earlier in the year. Contrary to Google’s initial expectations, users who currently have Web and App Activity switched off will likewise by default not be able to see their search history in Google Workspace. All other users, with the exception of Workspace for Education accounts under 18, will have access.

In order to prevent Workspace productivity apps from being packaged with other first-party services, Google claims that this choice is designed to make search history easier to comprehend.

This is a development in the right direction toward a search history setting that is more streamlined and understandable, providing our users more options and control over their search experience in Google Workspace. Both consumer and business users will have access to the new setting, and they will have complete authority over whether to opt in or out.

Google representative

Both consumer and enterprise users will be able to see the Workspace search history setting in the interim. To manage your Google Workspace search history after it is live, go to My Activity andgt; Other Google activities (in the sidebar).

Initial 2/2: In order to provide you with quicker searches, better suggestions, and more customized experiences in Maps, Search, and other Google services, Web and App Activity now saves your activity on Google websites and applications, along with any associated information like location.

It won’t include all Google services in the near future. There will be a new setting that will control search data from Workspace apps:

As you type your search term, suggestions from your search history are displayed if “Google Workspace search history” is enabled. Previous searches can easily be performed again.

Data from Gmail, Google Drive, Calendar, Currents, and visits to Workspace websites like Google Cloud and Google Sites are all included in this. Google states that further Workspace services will be released later. Workspace search activity is automatically erased after 18 months, but it may be be adjusted to three or 36 months, like the other settings. The business reaffirms that it never utilizes your data for advertising in Google Workspace core services.

After going live, Google Workspace search history will be enabled by default but can be turned off from the My Activities page under Other Google activity. On March 29, the new setting will become operational. Only end users will be able to set this setting; administrators cannot.

While this is going on, Web and App Activity is shifting to only capture searches for Google services that are not part of the Workspace family. this help article contains further information.

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