Users of Telegram have been encouraged to try Telegram Premium, which offers a wealth of additional conversation options. Two new features, including an infinite selection of reply emojis and new emoji statuses for your profile, are now available to Telegram Premium users. Additionally, the Android version of Telegram now has a new themed icon and better animations.

The addition of numerous new emojis to the reaction panel was one of the improvements Telegram made to a feature that was available for free to all users in the latest update update. Emojis called reactions can be used to give a little personality to incoming texts. Although not a new feature, reactions received a slight redesign with that version.

However, Telegram is presumably continuously increasing that emoji reaction option for Premium subscribers. You could possibly go through the thousands of emoji reactions accessible for hours. Telegram calls it “Infinite Reactions.”

Additionally, premium subscribers have a choice of up to three distinct responses for each message. There will be a drop-down menu under the responses tab for free users, but there won’t be many options available. However, a locked section will allow you to access all the emojis you may possibly use.

Emoji statuses have been added, and they can now be seen in Telegram next to the names of Premium users. Users can select from a wide variety of Telegram’s unique animated emojis and can set them for a certain time period if they so desire.

Along with limitless reactions and emoji statuses, Telegram also made a few quality-of-life enhancements, including as new username links for quick buddy discovery. Username will be the new format. You can allow someone to visit your account by sending them your link.

As long as you’re downloading many things at once, you can also alter which downloads finish first on Android. To prioritize which one finishes first, shuffle them around by tapping the downloads management button at the top. As a result, opening and closing media on Android now has a new, smoother appearance.

The introduction of Telegram’s official themed symbol for Android is the final significant upgrade we look forward to. Material You is elevated to a whole new level by turning on themed icons for Android. The icon will adapt to the color scheme you’ve chosen and adopt a consistent appearance with other officially approved apps.

It should be possible for everyone, including free users, to access this new Telegram version with endless reactions and emoji statuses that is currently rolling out in the Google Play Store.

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