Apple Pay is now compatible with other browsers in the most recent beta version of iOS 16, implying that users won’t need to utilize Safari anymore.

Apple Pay’s restrictions on where it can be used have been loosened, as originally noticed by tweeted about by Steve Moser (Opens in a new window) , a contributing writer at MacRumors (Opens in a new window) . Apple Pay only functions in Safari on iOS 15; however, using iOS 16 developer beta 4, Moser was able to make the payment service functional on Edge and Chrome. Moser added that the most recent macOS beta does not share the same flaws.

Front-end web developer Sebastien LeBlanc responded to Moser’s tweets by saying that the absence of support for alternative browsers in iOS was a “ weird omission (Opens in a new window) ” because they all have to utilize WebKit like Safari. Because they employ distinct rendering engines, he also doesn’t think macOS will ever permit Apply Pay support in other browsers.


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With a new external sign-up page on iOS, Netflix avoids paying the App Store tax.

Before iOS 16’s final release to devices, it’s possible that the expanded support for Apple’s mobile payment system will be dropped, although that seems unlikely given the increased scrutiny Apple’s business practices are receiving. For instance, Apple Pay was deemed anticompetitive by the European Union in May and could be in violation of antitrust laws.

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