The durability test for the Google Pixel 6a, which was released at the end of July, has now gone online. The typical location for such tests, the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, hosted it.

In this video, Zack from the channel put the phone through its standard battery of testing. The article’s embedded video, which lasts about 6 minutes, is available below.

A SERIES OF DURABILITY TESTS SHOWED THAT THE PIXEL 6A PERFORMED WELL. The display scratch test was the first experiment Zack ran. There was no need to take the phone’s screen protector off before testing because it wasn’t pre-installed. The Gorilla Glass 3 screen protector keeps the phone’s display safe.

Advertisement With a level 6 pick and a level 7 pick for deeper grooves, Zack was able to scratch the display. We anticipated that as this is Gorilla Glass 3. When it comes to long-term protection against micro-scratches, that protection, which was introduced ten years ago, is not all that good.

Additionally, it is demonstrated that the phone’s plastic buttons are affixed to a metal frame. The phone has antenna lines all over it. The SIM card tray’s black rubber water-resistant ring is also visible.

Now, contrary to what you would have assumed, the Pixel 6as camera visor is not entirely made of glass. Glass does cover the camera lenses, but not the rest of the visor. Plastic has been used to cover the remainder.

Advertisement THE BACKPLATE OF THE PHONE IS MADE OF PLASTIC. Even though it feels and looks like glass, the backplate is composed of plastic rather than glass. But remember that it is considerably simpler to scratch than glass.

A fingerprint could be detected by the phone’s optical in-display fingerprint scanner even while there were scratches on it, which is an interesting feat. That’s something we’ve noticed on a lot of phones, which is nice.

In case you were wondering, the phone’s display held up under a direct flame for 10 seconds. The pixels began to dim at that moment. But after that, it seemed to have somewhat bounced back. Zack takes this test every time just for fun even though it’s not really significant in any manner.

Advertisement DURING THE BEND TEST, IT REFUSED TO BREAKS. The bend test is the final examination, as is customary. This one is obviously quite significant. When Zack put pressure on the Pixel 6a from the front and back, it remained intact. The display did rise a little bit, but then it fell back into place.

Overall, these durability tests revealed that the Pixel 6a performed admirably.


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