A few days ago, Samsung published an advertisement making fun of Apple’s lack of product innovation. The business discussed a number of things that the iPhone lacks but the Galaxy smartphones do. Samsung is back with another ad mocking the iPhone just a few time after Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 series. In contrast to the last video, this one doesn’t specifically reference Apple or the iPhone, but the joke is still there.

SAMSUNG PUBLISHES AN ADS AGAIN TROLLING APPLE The new film, which was released on YouTube earlier today, lasts approximately two minutes. The Samsung Galaxy is titled: On the other hand, it promotes the company’s recently released Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldable. A girl introduces her new foldable to her buddy Elena at the start of the video. She exclaims with pride to her buddy how great it is that the phone actually folds in half. Flex Mode enables use cases like hands-free group selfies by allowing you to use the phone partially folded at different angles.

Elena is impressed by the features of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and intrigued to buy it. She later asserts, both insecurely and firmly, that she would not move to a Samsung phone because she adores her current model. Samsung appears to be arguing that Apple has a lock-in strategy in place to keep iPhone customers from migrating to Android, even if they would like to. Google has also charged Apple with doing this. You may be familiar with the green and blue text bubble craze.

Advertisement Elena can’t stop thinking about the Galaxy Z Flip 4 after seeing the latest Samsung advertisement. She observes the clamshell folding in numerous commonplace items. books, a foldable scooter, a refrigerator door, yoga positions, a toilet seat, and even a hand waving hello. She understands that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 is special and that she keeps purchasing the same phone. It is clear from that which phone she is now using. Only one smartphone company does that in the entire world.

Even though Elena had a dream in which the Galaxy Z Flip 4 was all around her, she instantly ordered the foldable when she awoke. due to the fact that her current phone is not foldable. She then boldly makes use of the equipment on a public transportation, drawing attention to herself. That is what Samsung claimed in the previous advertisement, claiming that people will look at the Galaxy Z Flip 4 instead of an iPhone. Watch the newest Samsung advertisement down below.


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