An intriguing rumor has appeared online. It asserts that physical buttons on Samsung Galaxy phones might become obsolete in a few years. The data was provided by @OreXDA , who posted it on Twitter.

BUTTONS ON SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONES COULD BE DELETED, BUT NOT SOON Yes, that implies that the phone won’t have any physical buttons. The Galaxy S23 or anything similar won’t put you at risk of this happening. If there is any truth to this, it will most likely launch with the Galaxy S25 or even later.

According to the source, all of the buttons will be moved to the internal display using software. Does this imply that Samsung intends to place the buttons on the sides of the front panel and curve it to extreme levels?

Advertisement That is conceivable, but there are, of course, other options. Who knows, perhaps a separate touchpad or a small secondary display will be used. There are numerous options, so we can speculate all we want.

HOWEVER, TAKE THIS INFORMATION WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Of course, you should proceed with caution when considering this rumor. Although it might occur in the future, this seems to be a significant step, and the information is very hazy. It also doesn’t originate from the typical places.

Smartphones are developing, and they could go a lot of different paths in the future. A few years ago, it was difficult to believe that foldables would be widely available on the market; today, it is a reality.

Advertisement Rollable cellphones appear to be in the horizon, and after that, who knows? We might develop transparent communicators if some science fiction films are to be believed. Hologram-projecting devices are another option.

Who can predict what the future will hold. Therefore, we are unable to predict what will happen to Samsung’s Galaxy phones in a few years. If this report is true, it’s likely that we’ll hear about the loss of physical buttons once more shortly.


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