For its EV automobiles, Xiaomi has great plans. The most recent reports claim that Xiaomi would introduce its first electric self-driving car in 2024. The business has been working on a 4-door car that fits that criteria for a while.

Xiaomi intends to debut an autonomous electric vehicle in 2024. Please take note that Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, is the source of this information. Although he cannot guarantee anything, he believes Xiaomi will make that leap in 2024. In fact, Xiaomi intends to produce this vehicle in its own plant in China.

It was initially intended to produce such vehicles in collaboration with BAIC, but that didn’t work out. It appeared like the two businesses were unable to reach a settlement. As a result, Xiaomi will handle it independently.

Advertisement You might be curious about the price of this automobile. Interestingly enough, though it may change, that information is also available. According Chinese reports, the car should cost about CNY150,000 ($21,655).

THIS VEHICLE AND XIAOMI PILOT WILL MAKE THEIR DEBUT The Xiaomi Pilot will now be incorporated into this vehicle. This was developed by Xiaomi on its own and is based on LIDAR. It also features the AT128 hybrid solid-state radar system. Naturally, this will be in charge of the autonomous driving component.

However, as of this writing, the business has not really divulged many details regarding the vehicle. That is hardly surprising given that it won’t arrive until 2024. We are unaware of its precise specifications or anything of the type.

Advertisement By the way, this will be Xiaomi’s first electric self-driving vehicle. As many of you are aware, Xiaomi produces a wide range of goods, but it still has a burning desire to grow and establish itself as a leader in the EV market.

As far as the release window is concerned, the year is the only specific information we know. Lei Jun didn’t specifically state when in 2024 we should anticipate this car to emerge, but he also isn’t aware of it as of yet.


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