Verizon has updated its security protocols for preventing spam calls and mails. According to the company, it shielded customers from potential dangers by preventing more than 11 billion spam SMS from reaching them in 2021. Last year, its systems handled 267 billion text messages.

VERIZON IS UP TO THE TASK AS SPAMMERS CONTINUE TO INNOVATE The most typical kind of spam is text messages, while calls and emails are also on the rise. However, text messages are also a popular form of communication. not just between people, but also between businesses that are attempting to connect with their customers. Verizon and all other wireless service providers therefore face a challenging task in ensuring that the good services reach the users while weeding out the bad.

Verizon has put in place a number of stringent safeguards to that purpose. In addition to the industry standards, the carrier now mandates that businesses get permission before sending text messages to their clients. They must also comply with requests to opt out.

Advertisement Threat actors, though, keep coming up with fresh spam efforts. Verizon’s security procedures are generally effective, but occasionally a message will get through. In order to take action and better defend itself against such spam efforts, the company actively encourages customers to report spam mail. Simply forward the message from your phone to 7726 (SPAM) to report it. Never reply to messages you receive or click on links you don’t recognize.

SPAM ROBOCALLS ARE ALSO INCREASING. As was already stated, the number of spam calls is rising. Verizon also has a number of defenses against them, like Call Filter. Between May and June of this year, the corporation discovered or stopped 2.5 billion unauthorized calls made to its wireless customers using STIR/SHAKEN Caller ID verification and other security measures. Additionally, Verizon shields daily robocalls from more than three million Fios voice consumers. Every day, it recognizes and categorizes 1.2 million genuine calls and 85,000 spam calls.

According to Verizon, Call Filter will eventually allow customers to tell whether an incoming call from an unknown number is indeed from a legitimate company by using labels like “health care” or “public service.” As a result, individuals are in a better position to decide whether or not to accept the call.

Advertisement Verizon stated in its press release that its efforts to eliminate spam texts and robocalls rely on the network-as-a-service model of the company and support key pillars of growth and innovation across mobility.


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