As of right present, WhatsApp Web doesn’t support video or audio calls. Here, we have provided some advice that will enable you to make video calls directly from your computer or laptop to WhatsApp Web.

More than 2 billion people use WhatsApp, the most widely used social networking app, which is accessible on all platforms, including iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. However, WhatsApp’s video/voice calling capability is only accessible on smartphones.

However, there are a few steps you must take in order to initiate a video call directly from your desktop, including connecting WhatsApp Web to the messenger and creating the room by logging into your account.

You may now be aware of how to use WhatsApp Web to make voice and video calls. However, this is merely a brief summary; to learn more, continue reading.

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IN 2021, HOW TO VIDEO CALL ON WHATSAPP WEB You should be aware that WhatsApp has not officially disclosed any feature that enables direct calling from a desktop or laptop before continuing.

SUBSCRIBE TO WHATSAPP You must to register an account in order to use WhatsApp on a computer. This cannot be created on a desktop, thus you must do it on an Android or iOS smartphone.

to register for a WhatsApp account;

Open the WhatsApp app after downloading it from your favourite app store. Open WhatsApp and enter your phone number. To the mobile number you have on file, an OTP will be issued. Into it Enter your name now, check the terms and conditions, and you’re done. LOG IN USING YOUR IPHONE OR ANDROID You are automatically logged in after you create a WhatsApp account. If not, simply provide your cell number and OTP. But you must be certain to input the precise cellphone number via which you must place a call from a PC.

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OPEN THE WHATSAPP WEB APP ON YOUR PC Open any browser on your desktop by going there. Chrome, Brave, or Microsoft Edge are all options. Now type into your browser or just click here to launch it.


how to video call on whatsapp web in 2021

You will notice a bar code when you launch WhatsApp Web on your PC. Open WhatsApp on your iOS or Android device now, then click the three dots (You will see it on the top right of the screen). Go to the WhatsApp Web and click the “Link A Device” option when it appears.

You may now link your WhatsApp account to the PC by scanning the barcode from your smartphone on your PC.
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SET UP A ROOM Create a room by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of the screen while logged in via the desktop. You are prompted to continue in Messenger while doing this; accept it. Go to the Messenger room after being redirected there and log in using your Facebook account. If you don’t have one, you can make one for nothing using here .

DISTRIBUTE THE LINK TO YOUR COMMUNITY After completing the preceding steps, you may now invite your family and friends to join by sharing the provided link with them. Remember that only you need to complete all of these steps in order to place calls from your desktop or laptop; everyone else can just pick up calls from their mobile application.

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CONCLUSION You can use these techniques to make a video call on WhatsApp Web. You must use this hack to make calls on your PC because WhatsApp has not yet officially released the video calling feature for desktop.



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