Samsung is presently providing improved trade-in credits of up to $1,200 and a free smartwatch to anyone interested in purchasing a Galaxy Z Fold 3 even though the Fold 4 is just around the bend.

BUYERS INTERESTED IN BUYING A GALAXY Z FOLD 3 CAN GET SOME ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC DEALS ON TRADE-IN VALUE FOR THE FOLDABLE. YOU CAN GET $1,200 IN TRADE-IN CREDITS FOR A GALAXY Z FOLD 3 Exclusively from . The maximum trade-in value for the Fold 3 has been increased by $300 to $1,200 for a short period of time by Samsung.

Update: On June 20, this post was amended to reflect Samsung’s new trade-in credit offer of up to $1,200, an increase of $100 from the prior offer made earlier in the month. A free Galaxy Watch 4 is an additional choice in Samsung’s latest promotion.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the only device that will truly cost you $1,200. Given the significant advance the Fold 3 represents above the $2,000 foldable that is currently sells used for around $700–800, Samsung is unquestionably giving owners of that gadget an incredible deal. The tablet gains a better display and, much more crucially, water resistance when compared to the Fold 2.

Although not the only ones to gain from these improved Galaxy Z Fold 3 trade-in values are owners of the Fold 2. For anyone seeking to purchase a Fold 3, we’ve highlighted a few noteworthy trades below. Samsung has boosted credits is pretty much available across the board.

Notably, Samsung has increased trade-in prices for devices other than the Galaxy Z Fold 2 despite the fact that they have been changed.

$975 Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra $700 for a Samsung Galaxy S21 $900 for a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra $1,200 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 $200 Google Pixel 5 A $420 Apple iPhone 12 $655 for an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max $495 for an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max $275 for OnePlus 9 Pro The major benefit here is that if your phone’s display is shattered, trade-in prices won’t decrease. This is undoubtedly an excellent deal because a broken display typically destroys both trade-in and private sale values.

You can also receive a free Galaxy Watch 4 in addition to those fantastic trade-in values. Samsung is specifically giving away $249, which is the price of the Galaxy Watch 4’s 40mm basic model. As far as we can determine, you can choose any hue, but not a different size.

THE GALAXY Z FOLD 4 IS JUST NEXT DOOR. Given that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is set to ship in just over two months, Samsung most likely made this choice with the intention of trying to move the remaining stock of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is anticipated to debut a new look with an upgraded hinge that is both lighter and smaller than the Fold 3’s. Samsung is also anticipated to make a considerable effort to fix the display’s centre wrinkle.

VALIDITY OF GALAXY Z FOLD 3 IN 2022? Is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 still worth purchasing almost a year after release? Even though it costs $1,799., most of what we wrote in our evaluation from the previous year still holds true.

Thanks to its adaptable inner display, compatibility for the S Pen, and increased durability, the Fold 3 is still one of the most practical smartphones available. Even while the Oppo Find N and other devices compete fiercely in this market, they cannot equal the Fold 3’s level of water resistance.

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