Mobile payments are particularly convenient when you don’t even need to take out your phone, however Samsung Pay is temporarily faulty for some owners of Samsung smartwatches.

SMARTWATCHES ATTACHED TO CERTAIN PHONES ARE UNABLE TO USE SAMSUNG PAY. Even before switching to Wear OS, Samsung’s smartwatches had the outstanding feature of working with a variety of devices. The Galaxy Watch is compatible with devices ranging from the Galaxy S22 to the Google Pixel 6, unlike the Apple Watch, which can only be used with an iPhone. Your phone will function as long as it complies with the ambiguous requirements and you won’t lose many features in the process.

But for other customers, pairing to a smartphone that isn’t a Galaxy seems to be giving them trouble right now.

When trying to use credit or debit cards on their smartwatch, users on Reddit and Samsungs forums are currently reporting an error with Samsung Pay that indicates their Samsung account is invalid. Even when the ID and password are accurate, this still occurs, and only Samsung Pay can prohibit login. It appears to be perfectly acceptable to log in elsewhere. It appears that this is a prevalent problem.

The commonality in this case is that people who are impacted do not pair their smartwatch with a Galaxy smartphone. This also seems to be occurring on previous Tizen-based smartwatches as well as Samsung’s Wear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4.

The Samsung Pay software, which is available separately on cellphones other than Galaxy models, is to blame. Samsung Pay is a system program that you may use on a Samsung smartphone to make mobile payments. If you have a linked Galaxy wristwatch, you can also use Samsung Pay to charge it. On other Android devices, however, there is a unique Samsung Pay app that is only used to power the smartphone experience. That is what appears to be broken at the moment.

COULD it be deliberate? It seems unlikely that Samsung would purposefully make this feature unavailable to users of non-Galaxy smartphones, yet a reply to at least one individual seems to imply as much.

A service agent allegedly informed one customer that other Android phones can no longer use “Samsung Pay” as previously.

Although Samsung hasn’t yet addressed this issue through official means, we have to assume that this is simply an error on the side of the firm. Using Samsung’s Tizen wearables, which do not offer the option to switch to Google Pay like the Wear OS models do, is extremely frustrating in this situation.

Samsung Pay is currently being replaced with Samsung Wallet on Galaxy handsets. More information, including digital auto keys, immunization cards, and other items, are supported by the updated interface. It will also soon include functionality for keeping a digital copy of your driver’s license. The future of Samsung’s Wallet on smartwatches, however, is currently unknown.

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