The Huawei MatePad Pro (2022) is a stylish tablet with a focus on work and a ton of software features.

Huawei spoke extensively at IFA 2022. Two tablets were among the new goods that the business announced. The tablet is the same, but there are several sizes. The Huawei MatePad Pro (2022), which also won one of our IFA 2022 prizes, is the topic at hand. You can choose between the 11-inch and 12.6-inch versions of the Huawei MatePad Pro (2022) depending on which size best suits you.

The MatePad Pro line of tablets is among the best Android tablets currently available, and we’ve seen quite a few of them so far. These tablets have a lot to offer and do feel truly premium—as long as you don’t need Google services. Similar considerations apply to the MatePad Pro (2022), which cosmetically resembles its predecessor quite a bit. Read on to learn why we decided to award it.

Advertisement ULTRA-THIN AND SLEEK-APPEARING It looks fantastic, the Huawei MatePad Pro (2022). Naturally, Huawei selected high-quality materials, and its sides are flat. For a tablet, the bezels around its display are incredibly tiny, and the screen itself is flat as well. Although there is a display camera hole in one of the corners on both versions, it is hardly discernible due to the sheer size of the displays. This tablet is extremely small, measuring just 5.9mm in thickness.

On the MatePad Pro, Huawei successfully attained a 92 percent screen-to-body ratio (2022). This results in a totally immersive experience when using this tablet. Tablets typically come with much thicker bezels.

Beautiful display and practical accessories Whether you choose the tablet’s 11-inch or 12.6-inch version, you’ll be dealing with a stunning display. These screens are all incredibly crisp and offer a 120Hz refresh rate. Additionally, they offer good color accuracy and are extremely bright. Additionally, these displays have a color palette of up to 1.07 billion. We anticipated good touch response here as it has been on prior MatePad Pro devices. The bundle also includes the TV Rheinland Full Care Display 3.0 Certification.

Advertisement You will need to purchase a separate stylus if you decide to use one with this tablet, but if you do, you can charge it magnetically. All you need to do to use it is to let it magnetize itself to the tablet’s side. For designers, that stylus can be quite beneficial. On the other hand, a keyboard accessory is also available that connects to the tablet after magnetizing to it. In essence, you get a little laptop with this method, which is comparable to the previous one.

There are several productivity features in THE SOFTWARE FACTOR HarmonyOS , which is pre-installed on this tablet. It makes multitasking simple while allowing you to construct widget stacks and widget groups. It’s really simple to build up multi-window setups, and you can add windowed apps on top of them. Additionally, Huawei’s Super Device makes it simple to connect to other Huawei devices, further streamlining the process. Overall, Huawei’s software has advanced significantly and is especially helpful on tablets.


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