If you want to see brand-new gameplay for PS4 and PS5 games, tune in to Sony’s next PlayStation State Of Play event later this afternoon. If you’re not familiar, the PlayStation State Of Play is a livestream event that Sony usually hosts once every few months.

The subject of the events can occasionally be a certain game. However, other times—like today—the events are set aside for a plethora of new game announcements. According to Sony, today’s event will feature around 30 minutes of game announcements for both its current-generation and last-gen platforms. Even though there are no suggestions as to what the games might be, there are a couple that people undoubtedly want to know more about.

Could Sony provide more information regarding upcoming Final Fantasy games? The upcoming Crisis Core Reunion, whose release date was recently revealed during this morning’s Nintendo Direct, is probably going to get some screen time.

Advertisement VIEWING INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SEPTEMBER 13 PLAYSTATION STATE OF PLAY EVENT The livestream will be broadcast on Sony’s two regular channels. Twitch and YouTube. As a result, you can watch the event on YouTube from the video below or on the Twitch channel here .

The livestream starts at 3:30 PT and lasts until little before 3:30 PT. It isn’t a very long event, but the State Of Play webcast is never actually very long. If you have the YouTube app installed on your PlayStation console, you may also view the stream there. If that’s how you choose to watch the streams.

EXPECTATIONS DURING THE LIVESTREAM Sony isn’t revealing any significant information about what we’ll see. But it did state that the PS5, PS4, and PS VR2 will receive upgrades and reveals during this broadcast. The livestream, according to Sony, will provide information on 10 future PS5, PS4, and PS VR2 titles.

Advertisement This does not imply that the announcements will be for AAA titles with significant fanfare. It would probably be best to watch the stream with no expectations in order to avoid any kind of letdown.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong with having a little bit of a dream and wanting to witness something exciting. Today’s PlayStation State Of Play should contain announcements for these games in addition to a sneak peek at several titles that are currently being worked on for the PS VR2 headset. Over 20 titles will be accessible for the headgear at launch, according to Sony. So there’s a fair likelihood that at least some of those games will be featured in this State Of Play.

You won’t want to miss this stream if you’re anticipating the release of Sony’s next-generation virtual reality headset. Since it will be your first dependable look at the games the device can support.



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