One of the worst scenarios is hearing a music and anticipating remembering it for later discovery only to forget it entirely. The Now Playing feature on your Pixel is a blessing. It enables you to recognize background music so that you can quickly add any song you hear to your library. Additionally, your Now Playing history allows you to search for songs that played nearby your Pixel more than a week ago. This is the procedure.

WHAT IS ON PIXEL RIGHT NOW? As previously noted, your Google Pixel is capable of identifying songs from background noises without sending any data elsewhere. If it’s a song, your Pixel will try to match it with one of the offline songs in its continually updated music collection. Each music has what is known as a digital fingerprint, so the Pixel can search through its library and try to identify songs using machine learning. You can discover that you have a different catalog than someone in a different country or continent depending on where you live.

You may have up to 500 MB of saved fingerprints on your Pixel at any given time, depending on where you reside, and they could be ready to be matched with a song playing nearby. Having said that, the Pixel doesn’t always pay attention. Your Pixel is set up to perform a sweep every 60 seconds or so to check for music that is currently playing in order to conserve some battery life. Users can manually search for songs on their lock screen for this reason.

You can press the notification that shows at the bottom of your lock screen or in your notification shade if you like what you hear and want to know more. By expanding it, you can indicate that you like the music, basically telling a future version of yourself that reviews your Now Playing history that you truly enjoy that particular song.

HOW TO USE YOUR PIXEL’S NOW PLAYING BUTTON Here’s how to check whether a feature is turned on or off:

Swipe down twice from the homescreen of your Pixel and tap the settings cog to access Settings. Find Sound and vibration by scrolling down. Find Now Playing and tap it. The first choice is to toggle on/off.

HISTORY IS NOW PLAYING IN YOUR PIXELS. The best thing about Now Playing is that all of these song descriptions are saved in a secure location so that you can easily find them again. It appears that your Pixel can store an unlimited number of identifications in its Now Playing history. This implies that you can discover songs that you entirely forget you had heard from more than a year ago. Cool, huh?

So where can you locate your Now Playing past? There are a few options, I suppose. When your Pixel detects a song playing in the background, the simplest method is to press the tiny Now Playing notification that appears. You will be directed to the Pixels Now Playing history page after unlocking your phone. The alternative route is via Settings. As follows:

Swipe down twice from the homescreen of your Pixel and tap the settings cog to access Settings. Find Sound and vibration by scrolling down. Find Now Playing and tap it. Simply click Now Playing History.

From there, you can browse and have a peek at the songs that have played nearby throughout time. Any of these can be tapped to perform a few actions. Your favourite streaming service, YouTube, or YouTube Music can be used to start the music. Additionally, you can listen to the songs you want to save and like them.

The ability of Pixels to detect and save recently played songs nearby is excellent and frequently useful. There will always be one music you hear that you wish you could recognize, download, and listen to later. You can accomplish that with the Google Pixel.

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