Verizon offers a student discount, did you know that? Verizon doesn’t actually advertise it all that much. However, if you visit their plans website, you’ll notice a student discount down at the bottom. You can also check out this page here .

The student discount on unlimited mobile plans is only up to $25 per month, so it’s not much. Additionally, Verizon Fios offers a monthly savings of $10. Even if it’s not much—as I already mentioned—every little bit helps when you’re a college student.

WHAT IS THE STUDENT DISCOUNT AT VERIZON? Students can get a discount on Verizon’s phone plan. One line can save you $10, and two lines can save you $25. Additionally, these are included in the 5G Play More, 5G Get More, and 5G Do More plans. Of course, thereafter, taxes and fees are still added.

Advertisement This indicates that their most affordable package, 5G Start, is not covered. But even if you only have one line, it might be wise to sign up for the 5G Play More package. It now costs the same as the 5G Start plan, but the Disney bundle is also included (which is about to get a big price increase too). In a crowded metropolis, you’ll also receive 5G UW, which is quite helpful for students.

With a student discount, Verizon Fios offers monthly savings of up to $10. Once more, not a significant discount, but still valuable. Perhaps not in terms of customer service, but in terms of speeds, Fios is one of the top ISPs available. In reality, they are the only ones providing gigabit fiber, and they mostly serve the east coast.

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Advertisement WHERE DO I APPLY FOR THIS STUDENT DISCOUNT? Obviously, this offer is only available to students. Thus, the name. However, this is how it functions:

To begin with, verify that you are eligible for the discount by clicking the Get Started option on this page . You will then return to Verizon to register your account and make your plan selection after you have confirmed your eligibility. The last step is receiving an email from Verizon confirming that you are ready to go after activating your services. That’s it. EVEN IF I’M ALREADY A CUSTOMER, CAN I GET THIS DISCOUNT? Verizon claims that you can. This discounted plan is available to current Fios customers who qualify for the student discount and who have not utilized a promotional or discount offer in the previous 12 months.

Existing mobile users who meet the requirements can also sign up for the discount program.

Advertisement WHO ENTITLES THEMSELVES TO THIS DISCOUNT? Since some other establishments include instructors and staff in that description, the phrase “student discount” can be very ambiguous. However, Verizon offers a student discount to any student who is currently enrolled in a recognized school of higher learning. You must continue to be enrolled as an active student, and you must reapply after a year to remain eligible.

Undergraduate and graduate students are included in this. The duration of this discount is similarly unbounded. For example, Spotify may set a four-year restriction on the duration of the student discount. However, Verizon does not operate in that way.

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Advertisement SO, SHOULD YOU USE THE VERIZON STUDENT DISCOUNT? It is definitely worthwhile to take advantage of the student discount if you are qualified and can prove that you are a student. Plans start at $70 per month, so even while $10 for a single line and $25 for two lines may not seem like a significant discount, it is. In particular, if you upgrade to the 5G Play More plan and receive the discount, you’ll pay the same amount while also receiving Disney, ESPN, and Hulu for free. which isn’t bad at all.


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