Samsung has actually worked hard to introduce a number of features with its foldables that make utilizing these new form-factors much better and easier. One of those is the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s Pop-Up View feature (and other Samsung devices). In essence, this enables you to run apps in tiny windows rather than full-screen on the 7.6-inch display. Similar to multi-window, but with greater window control.

Strangely, this isn’t turned on by default. As a result, we’ll demonstrate how to use Pop-Up View on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 as well as how to enable it in this tutorial.

HOW TO MAKE THE SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4 WORK WITH POP-UP VIEW We must first turn on Pop-Up View. Go to Settings to accomplish this.

Advertisement Tap on Advanced Features after scrolling down to it.
Screenshot 20220817 092334 Settings Medium”>

Screenshot 20220817 092334 Settings Medium

Tap on Labs next.
Screenshot 20220817 092339 Settings Medium”>Advertisement

Screenshot 20220817 092339 Settings Medium

You will now see a number of alternatives, one of which is a Swipe for pop-up view near the bottom. Click that switch.
Screenshot 20220817 092342 Settings Medium,

Screenshot 20220817 092342 Settings Medium

” alt=””
Advertisement After that, practically every app will allow you to slide down to enable pop-up view.

MANUAL FOR THE SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 4’S POP-UP VIEW It’s really simple to use Pop-Up View now that you’ve enabled it on your Galaxy Z Fold 4.

All you have to do to resize the app into the window size you desire is swipe down diagonally from the corner of the screen.
Screenshot 20220817 092610 Settings Medium”>Advertisement

Screenshot 20220817 092610 Settings Medium

You will notice a line across the top of the window once you are in Pop-Up View. You’ll receive a couple more options when you tap on that, including the ability to minimize, maximize, or completely close the window. As though you were using a desktop, exactly.

Screenshot 20220817 092616 Settings Medium,

Screenshot 20220817 092616 Settings Medium

” alt=””

Advertisement The Pop-Up View applications will appear in the corner when you swipe up to return home as usual; tap on them to reopen them. This makes multitasking on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 really simple.

And with the Galaxy Z Fold 4, that is essentially all there is to Pop-Up View. You can use this awesome multitasking ability to make greater use of this larger monitor.

Important to note: Pop-Up View does not support Instagram. Which is hardly surprising given how poorly the software performs on the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s main display.



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