Ring has made headlines several times for handing over video records to law enforcement, as well as claims that staff are free to watch video recordings whenever they choose. Despite Ring’s expected denial, the rumors are still floating around the internet. Ring has decided to incorporate end-to-end encryption into its products as a way to somewhat counter that. Prior to now, it was only accessible on a select few pro doorbells. However, the majority of its current products now support it.

The data is completely encrypted using End-to-end Encryption , commonly known as E2EE. Ring does encrypt your cloud-stored videos if this is not activated. Therefore, they are not simply visible to everyone. Due to the fact that it will disable many aspects that make Ring superior to the competitors, Ring does not enable E2EE by default.

As a result, we’re going to explain the E2EE procedure here, including the functionality you’ll lose. The compatible devices list and final activation instructions.

Advertisement WHAT IS RINGS END-TO-END ENCRYPTION AND WHAT DO YOU NEED TO KNOW End-to-end encryption, or E2EE, will likely welcomed by many given recent reports about Ring and how it provides video footage to law police. Before you enable this feature, there are a few things you should be aware of.

First off, several functionality on Ring cameras and doorbells won’t function if end-to-end encryption is turned on:

Your films won’t be accessible to Shared Users. On Ring.com, the Windows desktop client, or the Mac desktop app, you cannot access encrypted videos. Live View cannot be used simultaneously from different mobile devices. Camera previews won’t be seen on the Dashboard. Shared links and movies are not permitted. The Event Timeline won’t be available to you. Rich Event Notifications won’t be shown for you to see. Ring videos cannot be viewed on the Amazon Echo Show, FireTV, or FireTablet. On third-party devices, you won’t be able to watch encrypted videos. The Alexa Greetings feature won’t be available to you. Quick Replies won’t be available for you to use. Birds Eye View won’t be available for you to utilize. The use of Virtual Security Guard is not permitted. The good news is that removing end-to-end encryption will restore these functionalities. However, many of these characteristics influence individuals to purchase Ring items. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of this beforehand.

Advertisement WHAT RING PRODUCTS FALL UNDER THE E2EE BRAND? Ring recently increased the number of doorbells and cameras that are compatible with its end-to-end encryption. Almost all doorbells that don’t use (just) existing wire can use it. such as the low-cost video doorbell. Here is the whole list of compatibility, though:

Call Video Pro Doorbell Ring Video Video Doorbell Pro 2 Ring Front Door Elite Wired Ring Spotlight Camera Cam Mount for Ring Spotlight Elite Stick Up Cam (2nd Gen) Wired Stick Up Cam (2nd Gen) Plug-in Stick Up Camera (3rd Gen) Wired Stick Up Cam (3rd Gen) Solar Stick Up Cam (3rd Gen) Ring floodlight camera indoors (1st Gen) Wired Ring Floodlight Cam That includes the majority of the cameras and doorbells that Ring currently offers. So you may keep things private by configuring end-to-end encryption on these.

HOW TO SET RING VIDEO DOORBELLS AND CAMERAS TO USE END-TO-END ENCRYPTION (E2EE) Open the Ring app and make sure you are on the most recent version before you begin.

Advertisement Go to the Control Center in the Ring app next.
Screenshot 20220914 090135 Large,

Screenshot 20220914 090135 Large

Tap on Video Encryption from there.
Screenshot 20220914 090148 Large, advertisement

Screenshot 20220914 090148 Large

After that, choose Advanced Settings.
Screenshot 20220914 090157 Large,

Screenshot 20220914 090157 Large

” alt=””
Advertisement Select Video End-to-End Encryption after that.
Screenshot 20220914 090207 Large,

Screenshot 20220914 090207 Large

” alt=””
You are now in the setup for video encryption. Therefore, you must click Enable end-to-end encryption.
Screenshot 20220914 090210 Large, advertisement

Screenshot 20220914 090210 Large

You’ll be asked to come up with a new passphrase.
Enrolling mobile devices is going to be the next phase. Therefore, tap Resume Setup and adhere to the recommendations.
Advertisement You must enroll ring devices at this time. Therefore, press Resume Setup once more and add each Ring product according to the in-app instructions.

You can now test your gadget. Once E2EE is configured, test it by pressing the front button on the doorbell or the motion sensor on the camera. Your Ring device will then be configured for Video E2EE after this.


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