Finding new eateries, saving new locations, and even locating the cheapest gas station nearby are all wonderful uses for Google Maps. Here is a guide to using Google Maps to find gas prices.

Right now, gas prices are a touch out of control. Currently, a gallon of gas costs roughly $6.50 where I currently reside. That implies that it’s ideal to be aware of the particular location of the greatest pricing at the time I go to fill up. Fortunately, Google Maps is useful for more than just locating new eateries and bike-friendly areas. Additionally, Google Maps has a useful function that displays current gas prices and their locations.

HOW TO USE GOOGLE MAPS TO FIND GAS PRICES You can use Google Maps on the majority of devices because it is cross-platform. The functions are essentially the same between both devices, particularly the Gas functionality. Using it on your device is explained here.

ON IOS OR ANDROID Finding gas in your region is fairly simple on Android and iOS smartphones.

On your device, launch Google Maps. Under the search box at the top, tap the Gas tile. Your smartphone will automatically search the area for gas. To locate gas prices further away, you can navigate to a new location and select Search this region. You can tap the preferences slider at the top, next to the search bar, to modify the settings. Select the operating times and any additional criteria, such as wheelchair accessibility. Select Apply.

From this point, you can explore the area you chose and tap any gas station on the map for more information. You might have to scroll through the prices that are offered at the bottom because not all gas stations display prices. You have the option to call, share it further, or receive instructions after selecting one and tapping it. You can always search for a specific gas station and tap it to view the listing if you have one in mind. You can see the price from that listing as well.

Tip: You can more easily compare gas prices if you select View List.

Even if gas isn’t $6.50 per gallon in your area, this is a great tool for anyone to use. We frequently ignore the features that are already present in the apps we use on a daily basis, and this is one of them. So the next time you go there, check out Google Maps’ gas price function. You might be shocked to discover lower costs you were unaware of.

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