Apple is requiring all US customers who purchase the iPhone 14 to migrate to eSIM. What relevance does that have to Android, then? Well, normally, the entire industry imitates what Apple does in situations like this. Apple eliminated the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and gave the motivation of “courage.” The headphone jack was afterwards eliminated from every other phone. There are several other examples available.

Although many Android phones already support eSIM, few carriers promote it. The reason for this is that eSIM makes it simpler to transfer carriers at will, which the carriers do not want. Therefore, even if you are viewing this on a phone, it may truly support eSIM. For instance, every Pixel has an eSIM because they are Google Fi compatible. Also an eSIM first carrier is Google Fi.

We therefore want to discuss today how to change from a physical SIM to an eSIM on each of the three US carriers. Let’s first discuss what an eSIM is in actuality.

Advertisement ESIM: What Is It? What is an eSIM, then, given what we now know about SIMs? You won’t ever see the embedded SIM, also known as a programmable SIM, that is integrated within the phone. This has been accessible for devices like some tablets and smartwatches with cellular connectivity. eSIM is also supported by some phones.

Since eSIM only became available in 2016, it is still relatively new. The first gadget to employ an eSIM was the Samsung Gear S2 Classic 3G. On the Apple Watch Series 3 in September 2017 and the iPhone XS in 2018, Apple first made eSIM available.

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Advertisement It’s interesting to note that some MVNO carriers, like Google Fi, prefer using an eSIM over a traditional SIM card. Most likely because they won’t need to ship that item to the consumer.

Customers have more freedom to swap providers thanks to eSIMs. Which the carriers do not appreciate. Since adding a new carrier may be done in the settings, you will obviously need an account and plan with that carrier for it to function properly.

ESIM ACTIVATION IN THE US: STEPS TO TAKE You’ll need to activate that eSIM on your phone after you receive it. Some MVNOs, like Google Fi, make this quite simple, but it does take some time. Because switching carriers is simpler, the bigger carriers, like AT


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