Here we have provided a comprehensive method that will assist you if you have switched from an Android to an iOS device and want to transfer images from Google Photos to iCloud.

To a certain extent, Google Photos offers limitless free storage. But the greatest systems for storing the media are iCloud and Google Photos. However, because iCloud is exclusively available for iOS devices, Android users are unable to use it, but iPhone users can access both Google Photos and iCloud.

A desktop computer or an iPhone can be used to export Google Photos to iCloud. You must go to the official Google Photos website if you export via desktop. Otherwise, you can download the Google Photographs app for your iPhone and move your photos there.

There are other measures you must do. Therefore, if you don’t want to encounter any errors when exporting photographs, you should read the entire page.
How to Upload Pictures to Google Drive Activate JavaScript, please

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GOOGLE PHOTOS TO ICLOUD PHOTO TRANSFER GUIDE Although it may take some time, moving photos from Photos to iCloud is a pretty simple process. But if you follow the instructions, exporting photos is simple.


How To Transfer Photos From Google Photos To iCloud
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You must download the official Google Photos iOS app in order to export photos using an iPhone. Then comes

Search the Albums area of the Google Photos app on your iPhone to find all of your pictures. (Note: It can take 2 to 5 minutes for photos to load. Additionally, your network connection plays a role.

Select the photographs you want to export after discovering them all. If you want to export every image, you may also pick them all at once. Now select the option to save photographs by clicking the share button. All of the photographs you’ve chosen are now saved to your iPhone. They are conveniently located in the camera roll area. You may enable iCloud Photos by going to Settings > iCloud > Photos. There are two choices available. So choose it appropriately. You can select Download and Keep Originals to save photos in high resolution. Choose the Optimize iPhone Storage option if not. Your downloaded Google Photos will immediately export to iCloud when you open the official Photos app on your iPhone. If you want a speedy transfer, make sure your internet connection is robust and reliable. Also see: 2021’s Best Wallpaper Apps for PC


How To Transfer Photos From Google Photos To iCloud

As was already said, you may move your Google Photos to iCloud using a PC as well. You must carefully follow the procedures listed below in order to export photos using a desktop.

Use any browser to access the official Google Photos website ( ) and sign in using your Google Account. Make sure you sign in using the Google Photos-linked account. Select the pictures you want to transfer right now. Select All is an option if you wish to export every image. (Tip: After choosing the pictures, you can use the command Shift D. Your specific photos will automatically begin downloading. There is a possibility that your photos will download in a zip file if you have selected a large number of images. You must now extract the file from its zip archive. Any third-party program can be used to extract that file. You must now upload all of the photographs to iCloud after downloading them. Open the official iCloud website ( ) on your PC and login in using your unique Apple ID to accomplish this. Select the Photos option, then click the upload symbol to begin adding new photos. Choose the photos that you downloaded and want to upload to iCloud. All of your Google Photos will now be moved to iCloud after some waiting. The best way to upload Google Photos to iCloud is with this method.

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CONCLUSION If you use them right, there are simple techniques for transferring Google Photos to iCloud. However, you can leave a comment below if you run into any issues while exporting the photos.

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