Google recently declared that Hangouts would end in the fall. Since Google first declared that the service would be discontinued in 2020, many users have already shifted away from Hangouts. Given that, if you haven’t already moved, you should do so soon. In addition to telling users that Hangouts would be discontinued this fall, Google has also started urging users to move to Google Chat. In this article, we’ll simply explain how to move from Google Chat to Google Hangouts, assuming you haven’t already.

Please be aware that this explanation will be quite brief because the technique is simple. I moved to Google Chat a long time ago. You should soon see a prompt in the Hangouts app for those of you who haven’t. In order for us to be on the same page, I’ll demonstrate what I mean using the images below.

INFORMATION ON HOW TO TRANSFER FROM GOOGLE HANGOUTS TO GOOGLE CHAT So one day, when you open the Hangouts Android app, a pop-up like the one below will appear. This prompt informs you that Google Chat will take the place of Hangouts. In essence, it directs you to the Google Chat app as well as Google Chat in Gmail.

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Google Hangouts Google Chat prompt

“Google Chat prompt in Google Hangouts, alt

You may access Google Chat in Gmail by clicking the first button, which is blue. Google Chat is one of the symbols inside the Gmail program, as you can see in the image below. However, a specific Google Chat app is available. Later, more on that.

Google Chat in the Gmail app, image 3 of 4 “>

Advertisement Google Chat is now accessible from within Gmail on the internet. The Chat section is situated in the bottom-left corner, as you can see. You will see the Chat drop-down menu if your hamburger menu is set to always be open; otherwise, you will only see the chat bubble. In the picture below, both possibilities are displayed.

Google Chat Gmail 1

“Google Chat Gmail 1 alternative

You may view all of your chats by touching the downward-pointing arrow, and you can start a new chat by tapping the icon. If your hamburger menu isn’t always accessible, clicking the chat icon will open it right away.

Advertisement There is also a dedicated Google Chat app available. Now, if you look at the Hangouts prompt in the first image of this post once more, you’ll see the Get Google Chat option as well. That button, which is white, is the second one in the prompt. You will be sent to the Google Chat app listing in the Google Play Store if you tap that. You can then download and use the app from that location.

Image 1 from the Google Chat app (

Google Chat app image 1

) “>

WHAT ABOUT MY CONVERSATIONS ON GOOGLE HANGOUTS? There are probably some of you who are concerned about your Google Hangouts interactions. What is going to occur to them. You shouldn’t worry because they will be moved to Chat. However, Google advises advise users to backup their data before transferring. Use Google Takeout to accomplish it. You can get your data from there before migrating and before Google Hangouts is discontinued.

Advertisement You now have it. You have now joined Google Chat. We can only hope that this service will be available for longer than Google’s earlier ones. The corporation continues switching things up because it can’t seem to commit to just one texting solution.


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