Even though the Google Assistant’s inclusion in the Galaxy Watch 4 has been positively appreciated, there are some cons. One of them is the fact that having Hey Google detection enabled reduces battery life. You may disable or turn off Hey Google detection on your Galaxy Watch 4 with the help of this method.

IMPACT OF GOOGLE ASSISTANTS ON BATTERY LIFE It makes sense that a new function that utilizes always-listening will have an impact on battery life. Some customers claim that within two to six hours after turning on Hey Google detection, Google Assistant saw a 20% decline. The display itself was the only thing using more power than Google Assistant.

Google does acknowledge that turning on speech detection during setup would have this as a side effect. With at least 20% of my battery life remaining at the end of the day, I don’t observe a significant difference on my end. However, using Google Assistant doesn’t just include voice detection.

HOW TO USE HEY GOOGLE WITHOUT HEY GOOGLE TO ACTIVATE GOOGLE ASSISTANT ON YOUR GALAXY WATCH 4 Fortunately, there are more ways to activate Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 besides just saying Hey Google. By connecting Google Assistant to one of the Galaxy Watch 4’s physical buttons, you can also activate the virtual assistant. in particular, the house key.

You may change what the home key performs by going to Settings on your watch and selecting Advanced features. You may activate Google Assistant by pressing and holding or by pressing twice, at which point it will enter listening mode. You can conserve a significant amount of battery on a watch that could use it by using this feature. Our tutorial for the Google Assistant on the Galaxy Watch 4 includes a detailed explanation of how to change this setting.

Other activation techniques include starting the Google Assistant app directly from the drawer. Just hit the Google Assistant symbol after one quick swipe up. The program will then start listening for a query right away. The Google Assistant complication may now be added to the Galaxy Watch 4 watch face, putting the digital assistant at your fingertips.

HEY GOOGLE DISABLEMENT FOR GALAXY WATCH 4 It’s fairly simple to disable Google Assistant’s functionality. All you have to do is go to Settings and tweak a few things in the app. For your Galaxy Watch 4, follow these steps to disable Hey Google voice activation:

Swipe down and tap the settings cog on your Galaxy Watch 4 to access Settings. Find Google by scrolling down. Tap it. After that, select Assistant. Tap it to turn off Hey Google.

Now, nothing will occur on your Galaxy Watch 4 when you say Hey Google. Although your results may vary, disabling this feature could help you save a significant amount of battery life.

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